You really can use condoms in our daily life?

by:Cupidove     2020-04-05
You really can use condoms in our daily life? Time: 2019 07 - 05 source: author: reading: condom is one of the most common sex toys, but you really can correct use of condoms? Adult shop small make up today is to share the use of condoms, the correct way to do this article 6, condom use, make you sense of security, let's learn about the below. 1, check the condom package, there are torn, damaged or expired should immediately throw it away. 2, open the packing, tear along the package at the top of the dotted line with finger, do not use the sharp objects, including teeth, opened the package, so as not to damage the condom. The top 3, put the condom on the erect penis, and then will edge rolling down about 1 cm. 4, pinched condoms at the top of the balloon, discharge the air, which not only provide space for the semen, and can reduce the risk of condom breakage. 5, pull condom carefully up and down in the penis. If the condom burst, appeared in the process of should immediately change new, don't hold fluky psychology. 6, immediately after ejaculation take off a condom correctly, prevent weak penis after semen leaks or slip off. In addition to the above points, the rational use of lubricant is one of the most important aspects of the proper use of condoms. Lubricant can not only make her more comfortable, a few drops in the condom lubricant, can strengthen men feel, safe sex will ascend to a new height.
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