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by:Cupidove     2020-05-14
Many after 80 May still has a cool shadow dimly in the memory, but to many 90, 00 later said that cool may only be a history to some things. But, you know, the benefits of essential balm is really too much, ancestors left behind is really a good thing, look at this article, let's tell our families don't extort day. Family deinsectization 1, bamboo furniture appear moths, with cool embedded into each eye cavity, can be cut off by pests. 2, wasp stings, mosquitoes and other general stung, and the available essential balm of coating. 3, cool taste strong drive midge effect. Such as in the room of the shade, put cool 4 ~ 5 box opened the cover, can make the mosquitoes in the summer can't enter the room. Cure coup 1, infantile anal swelling, if don't understand, will make a fuss, ailment big d, actually very simple, cool is anus with a little paint, the more that day. Inprovement for pediatric fire poison deposition in the liver and blood stasis in the anus, with cool cool the sheen of nourish and its stimulation to skin, is to detoxify detumescence and gets up and blood. The anus for an adult toys red, fire poison deposition in the liver and blood stasis in the anus, also have very good effect. So cool to treat l early, medium-term symptoms. 2, rheumatism, bones and muscles of waist and legs pain within three or four days at the beginning of cool pain is available at or near critical degree of the works and This is using the cooling oil sheen cool nourish remove moisture role. 3, body odor, cool frequency coating, long grubbing. There is a cool nourish with also. 4, simple cure diarrhea: cool between PC and the anus inside the groove, and rub back and forth, until the skin feel slight fever. Apply a small amount of cooling oil at the same time in the belly button combination, have certain curative effect on diarrhea. Cool apply navel, with the palm rub wu 2 ~ 3 minutes after heat, for summer catch cold catch cold cause diarrhea. 5, cool apply navel, can treat constipation. At the beginning of June, sore throat, cool in the neck, with the palm repeatedly rub to the skin fever, ease or disappear after 1 ~ 2 hours. Feeling sick at the beginning of their tonsils with essential balm external skin friction tonsils position, until the fever. A round at least applied 3 times in a row, don't hesitate to use. Early, middle and late period of time, especially before bedtime. Of course, can also according to their own needs, and then eat anti-inflammatory drugs, generally work the next day. 7, cool a little cotton dips in besmear is on sick tooth can ease the pain. 8, mild burns, smear gently on the affected part, can relieve pain, prevent blisters appear, the sooner the better the results. Methods: burned by hot (3 ~ 5 minutes The faster the better the results) And cover the affected with essential balm cover thickness of not less than 1 ~ 2 mm ( The larger the area is the thickness of the thick) 。 Generally only for ten minutes to half an hour, but the larger the area of need more long. Feeling: apply when feel hot pain ( Because is to resolve its hot) 。 Principle: hot and cold ends meet, also like a heat absorbing heat. Validation results: repeatedly use is great. , corns, 9 patients, but several times a day to cool on the corns, reoccupy cool roast lighted cigarettes will melt infiltration in the corns. Themselves off such a treatment for a period of time, corns, patients will not feel pain, after cure diseases without leaving traces. 10, the German football athletes also discovered another use of longhu essential balm: after besmear is on my chest and calf, intense running can reduce the bosom is frowsty, and calf blood after running up more comfortable. 11, cool cool and wind have nourish and begin to understand the role of, all have certain stimulation to the skin, it can relieve itching, diminishing inflammation, detumescence, repair skin cell metabolism to normal, which can make a lot of skin disease, because of long time with; According to acupuncture points used to cure many diseases, such as in the two temples, wind pool hole, the place such as flocks, people, former hair, painted, refreshing, cure have a headache, begin to understand, and so on. Accidentally to touch the skin in the home use 1, paint, and no solvent scrubbing, cool a little cha wipe, available after 1 ~ 2 minutes, then gently wipe with a clean cotton. If paint is dry, cool after 2 ~ 3 minutes, wipe the coat of paint will automatically roll up, tear off with your fingers. 2, just paint stains on clothes in the cool, coated on both sides of a few minutes later, along with pily ball material of cloth to wipe a few times, paint stains can be removed. In addition to Chen paint stains, cool, want to put some more oil paint off paint after to wrinkle. Will wash clothes, paint stains will be completely removed. 3, in addition to the toilet smell: put cool open a box cover lower corner, smell can be removed. And a half months or so away the top layer inside the box, so cool run out until the 1 box, a box of cooling oil can be used 2 to 3 months or so. 4, in winter, some people hands frozen up bumps, very afflictive, at night, the itch more difficult to fall asleep. In the hands and feet with warm water wash before you go to bed, reoccupy cool) on the knot, so you can quickly relieve itching. 5, to go out often carsick seasick, cool, put some oil on mask on wear before transport, will not be motion sickness seasick. 6, put cool shoe ark, can eliminate peculiar smell. 7, the cooling oil) on the gum stains, besmirch can soon become soft, with the hand a button fell off. 8, with essential balm repeatedly daub, can eliminate ball-point pen pen and ink. 9, the vessels of the daub on the sticker on the wind, it off easily, and there is no trace.
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