Woman in January after washing a face - not The accident happened

by:Cupidove     2020-09-27
Wash a face is a daily routine, but a woman curious abroad a month don't clean the face, what happens, the surprise is that good results to let her can't believe it.

the 30-year-old female writers Ellie card ( Erica) Tired of the maintenance steps before going to bed at the same time also curious, if stop using any skin care products, face what will happen. So she took her to do experiments, wash a face to stop for a month. Ellie card also quite worried at first, afraid of full blain on the face after a month, but the surprise is that skin every day ok, color also lit up.

Ellie said, she is the result of the accident after the experiment, the present state of skin is best in life. This month, she adds, only use water to do a simple wipe, but it does a month did not use clean facial cleanser.

so magical effect, also create online buzz. , experts say, try to avoid the early after washing a face of the movement, because of the skin's natural oils can reduce wrinkles. In this paper, we also mentioned that the American pop diva LadyGaga has revealed that maintain secret recipe is to reduce the number of times to do it.

PS: don't wash your face will become more and more beautiful, it is not about our women follow suit, if the real thing, so that the silica gel that wash a face to brush the production companies or other cosmetics companies have to go back home to drink northwest breeze, it can't follow.

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