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by:Cupidove     2020-05-16
TPE, TPR soft rubber with characteristics of easy processing, feel comfortable, has a tendency to replace silica in recent years, are widely used in adult supplies market. Used in the production of adult products, sex toys, the raw material of TPE, TPR is usually SEBS and SBS blend modification of elastomer material, the material based on SBS is TPR, SEBS based materials for TPE. TPE, TPR elastomer materials used in the production of adult toys supplies, mainly from the following features ( Compared with silica gel) : 1, the hardness and easy adjustment of property. In the production of adult supplies with TPE, TPR soft rubber hardness in 0 ~ 15 degrees or more soft (usually Shaw hardness A, some special adult toys supplies accessories, can use 20 ~ 80 degrees of TPE, TPR material) 。 By adjusting the formula ratio, easy to adjust the TPE, TPR soft hardness of elastomer materials. Cannot do with TPE can produce silicone material hardness super soft adult supplies. 2, high transparency and bright colors. material has excellent soft tactility, but the appearance transparency is not high. Some adult supplies, with TPE, TPR high transparent material, more can show the grade of the products. Additional color matching, TPE, TPR material color, bright color and silica gel products more fog. 3, product processing convenience. Most adult things with 0 ~ 15 degrees or more hardness such as 000-00 soft TPE rubber hardness (1), the hardness of TPE material can use ordinary (2) processing injection molding injection molding equipment, short production cycle. And silicone usually adopts hydraulic press molding, production cycle is longer. 4, good soft skin tactility. For some special hardness of adult supplies, TPE elastomer material with special formula, can make surplus soft features, feel smooth experience of simulating real skin effect. And this kind of special requirements of products, only with the aid of TPE materials. In addition, TPE, TPR soft glue for environmental non-toxic materials, no peculiar smell, not allergic to human skin and side effects. Anyhow, TPE, TPR elastomer material above special properties, and its excellent environmental performance, make it in the adult products industry, replace the silicone products material, gradually been recognized by the market. And in the past two years, TPE do adult things instead of silica gel, is a kind of trend.
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