Why you can't buy gratified silica gel protective sleeve

by:Cupidove     2020-08-26
Life has been doing the rounds

a paragraph 'you earn more money, half may be someone else, then you live big house, half may be free, in a good car you drive, traffic is the same, you use in good cellular phone, half function is useless' so ah you choose in your cell phone sets are not satisfied with is the same! So choose things or speak of practicability, the choose and buy silicone products, as well as silica gel protective sleeve, not practical, not good-looking, don't like is not because a brand and purchase? Many friends said that I couldn't find like bumpers, also have claimed the silicone case is always buy less than satisfactory, so the silicone products small make up answer to problem for you!

phone cases now the demand of the market widely, many friends will choose for their own love machine a protective sleeve, so be on the market a lot of businesses to increase purchase as it is and cause the rise of many silicone products manufacturer, from silica gel products industry in recent years, appeared many silicone companies around the world, to the quality of the product to control the experience for profit regardless of business customers, using low-level material production cost savings, do not use injection or baking process, and so on all sorts of unreasonable production, so a lot of friends on the Internet called 'his mobile phone sets of yellow, his cell phone is the sticky' and so on all sorts of problems. So I want to buy gratified cases also understanding of silica gel carry on some simple!

now phone cases take to protect it is not only a decoration, a kind of accessories, silicone products manufacturer below explain how to choose and buy high quality cases, first from the appearance, bright colours without the dark grain, feel comfortable, flat surface. Toughness degree, general silicone products toughness is very strong, so you can try back stretch pull on the rope to about 50% if qualified, if after springback surface appear white fog, material quality is rather low. Smell, freshly made products tend to have a little smell, but after baking will eliminate the smell, a great quantity if you buy enough to use for a long time also to disperse, so there is a problem, the touch feeling a bit greasy or sticky products raw materials of silicone oil is more, use for a long time will be more sticky, attention to the procurement of products of white or transparent color, asked whether businesses made of platinum vulcanizing agent if not then products use for a period of time will appear yellow phenomenon!

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