Why women without sex? Detailed analysis of the doctor, men listen to health

by:Cupidove     2020-04-03
Why women without sex? Detailed analysis of the doctor, time to listen carefully: male to health - 2019 12 - 27 source: author: reading: every woman wants to have a happy, happy family life, but want to build happy family, the feelings of men and women both parties must keep balance, to promote feelings, husband and wife is an indispensable things in life. Happiness, a woman is inseparable from the sex, in fact, is inseparable from the five things. Now the social pressure is more and more big, not just the men under phase pressure, so as a woman. Bear the pressure for a long time, your body's stress couldn't be released, then will affect a woman's mood. But in usual if the husband and wife life properly, can release inner pressure, let us feel ease. Suitable for husband and wife life, women can promote blood to speed up the speed, the menstrual period, women won't because of the arrival of the menstrual, appear menstrual cramps. Even if still have the feeling of abdominal pain, this pain will be less. As long as the usual keep proper and regular life of husband and wife, can slow down aging, can let the skin and organs of the body, maintain the normal level. To keep the bone density, reduce bone disease. Also can let our skin better, can make us look younger. After appropriate for the life of husband and wife, can improve our own immune system, ability to promote blood circulation, increase the vital capacity in women, reduce the occurrence of disease.
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