Why there are so many people do adult supplies business now?

by:Cupidove     2020-03-22
Why there are so many people do adult supplies business now? Time: 2019 08 - 22 source: author: reading: buster is not a pet phrase, but the real work. Active adult products bear the brunt of the industry, the market now its franchisees from here and penetrated the near the bustling commercial district, to the second - and third-tier nook and cranny of the city. You buy it adult things really is there. A, conceptual change, the market investment is necessary in most industries, adult products is high profits industry is well known. The expansion of consumption group is the focus of the consumer market, ages is gradually expanding. In traditional concept for middle-aged people over the age of 55, no sex misconceptions, imprisoned the adult supplies operators in the process of promoting ignore this part of the crowd, a waste of a large piece of market resources. Consumption of the material life level along with the development of easily satisfied, and for spiritual pursuit of becoming urgent. In the shortage of sexual health knowledge, let the influence of a large part of the group in sexual health disease. Adult supplies as well as the regulatory atmosphere improve sex life quality life, widely application and high consumption. Second, input costs, determined the various retailing, practitioners base than adult supplies cost occupies the absolute advantage in the input and output. Even if the market is given priority to with high-end adult supplies sales, need higher pleased, high-end adult supplies instead more can get the favour of consumer, so sales in more handy. The reason is that the transition of the level of consumption, more people care about the quality of the products and the use of experience. From the store location, can choose more, in addition to the first-tier cities of central urban area, commercial street, around the city can because of the rigid demand to survive. In lower-tier cities today also has high permeability, especially the emergence of the vending machine easier on location, size of the stores requirement is low, areas require more random, overall lower input costs. This is also a lot of people choose to be the important reason for the vending machine shop, quantity in became inevitable. Three, human services, the store business stand out due to the increase in adult supplies practitioners, part will invest adult things people there is a concern. Adult shop number, large investment after the pressure of competition, the shop market survival rate is bound to reduce. Would like to venture to get rich investment concerns is also good, no risk investment, but need to find a proper breakthrough point for the market to obtain, to stand out from the crowd. Adult supplies is to increase the consumer satisfaction of sexual life, psychological comfort, improve the overall quality of life of husband and wife. So as an operator, you need to do more fine in service. To understand the status of the customer's recent sex, for example, sexual health condition, the recent working condition and so on. Learn the user's purpose it is to recommend groundwork for the sales of our products; 2 it is to reflect our service attitude; 3 it is to reflect our professional attitude; And there's a benefit to customer care, this is crucial because most in unsatisfactory sex, there are psychological inferiority complex and uncertain, so this is what you do better service to start.
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