Why the silica gel products industry become more and more difficult

by:Cupidove     2020-08-23

every industry is very flourishing, the prospect of just after the accumulation of time and participants, gradually muddied the order of the industry, it is said that each industry out of the price are is a two-edged weapon which can be against the enemy may also hurt yourself, are now such as these industries by environmental incidents across the country, nervous just stuck their benefits to others and their close, what all have no, such as silicone products downstream enterprises is now! It is this kind of situation!

an order for multiple examples of silicone products manufacturer to despair:

a purchase received 1 million orders, always want to have better profit at a lower price, after the purchase for more than a dozen contrast to find out the two suppliers to do competition, and the two suppliers from raw material, mold, fuel injection, silk screen and so on process for lower prices, in order to meet constantly interacting, alone, in the end the two supplier's supplier in price competition environment to choose appropriate, make process or raw materials, so this order has become a low-cost discount products, lead to rework repair product problems back and forth, the cost of materials, and so on, cause reputation lost cannot be redeemed room!

the gap between power factory and machining factory, we all know that in all walks of life have a strong enterprise competition, and affect the price of the main reason is that the silicone products industry has just started small businesses, on the threshold of the product price is very low so that more customers in the absence of field certification would be preferred, and this case will compete is the difficulty of the products and the silicone factory technical experience and service attitude!

for advantage normal reasonable manufacturer, for the price of the product review and the difficulty of the process and production process is easy to appear problems can give evaluation will take out the accurate unit price, and won't lower the price make price is not reasonable, but for the quality of the products and services will do much better, so for the price with no loosening caused now customer churn is larger, the current trend and will be subject to price the majority!

and the competition is in too much, sometimes market bidding are everywhere, but whether to do business in any industry, we can't lost his fame and reputation, nor affected the normal products for order quality problem, therefore conclude that no matter what industry, no interest to talk about cooperation, there is no credit to talk about any development and quality back just talking big hat, no service!

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