Why silicone following from long-term use can appear deformation phenomenon

by:Cupidove     2020-08-26

the silicone material following everyone should buy, compared with the passage of time appear the phenomena of larger loose should also have a lot to see, once the deformation of its use value, and the cause of silicone mobile phone case appear deformation stretch for many consumers at a loss, what is the reason? Today we are going to find out!

what causes deformation of silicone mobile phone sets?

there are three main cause of deformation of silicone mobile phone sets, respectively is the maintenance, the content of silicone oil factor in aging and regular maintenance were more common, here is to do the detailed analysis, for everybody to do knowledge reference only.

1, the aging of the maintenance

the silicone mobile phone sets no normal use or maintenance and appear aging, the following is often prone to deformation, silicone products, if not complete aging service, is not only a deformation, its service life and quality will be declined dramatically.

2, the content of silicone oil

the content of silicone oil is directly determines the quality of silicone rubber, and silicone rubber material quality determines the quality of the cell phone sets, if the silicon cell phone sets manufacturers in the processing stage, add too much raw material of silicone oil content, will lead to the silicone oil viscosity is too high, if is to reduce the content of silicone oil, leads to the silicone quality is bad. As a result, the content of silicone oil directly decides the silicone rubber is easy to deformation, determines the deformation of the mobile phone sets of silicone rubber material instability problem, belong to the quality of reasons.

note: silicone oil in> < 50%.

3, silicone mobile phone sets of maintenance of irregular

the silicone mobile phone sets of maintenance is needed to prevent deformation, but maintain informal also easy to cause the deformation, this is how to return a responsibility, in the process of maintenance, especially in the maintenance of aging stage, if the silicone mobile phone sets of no fixed correctly, abrasive or in abrasive abrasive tool requires and external binding fixed together, so that it can completely prevent deformation phenomenon occurring during aging maintenance stage fixed.

what reason cause the deformation of silicone mobile phone sets, these reasons are common factors leading to the deformation of the silicone products, so mobile phone silica gel set of general maintenance good correct use is not easy to deformation, so attention to detail when using, pay attention to maintenance can avoid silicone protective case deformation.

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