Why medical grade silicone material can replace a large number of medical devices

by:Cupidove     2020-09-20

when it comes to medical supplies can let us associate to secure your question above, as early as a few years ago by the United States issued a statement started to ban many powder coating latex gloves, the FDA statement to ban all add powder with gloves into the domestic market, the ban issued after the likely impact of global medical gloves, make a lot of rubber gloves gradually lose market, so far, of course, there are manufacturers continue to production. Thus the ban also let medical grade silicone gloves into new markets, in the aspect of medical gradually expanded!

in the present science and technology developed medical level, the role of medical grade silicone products still remain, now eat human body with medical grade silicone tube, silicone pad, silicone finger into use a variety of products such as large market, and the medical grade silicone material with coagulation capability, stability is very good, there is good compatibility in clinical use, without any allergic reaction, compared with the general and food-grade silicone its stability and higher performance.

ordinary silicone glove with medical grade silicone gloves production method is different, can be divided into solid plate vulcanizing silicone products manufacturer and liquid injection molding process, all know medical gloves need convenient operation simple let hand flexible, and the medical grade silicone material can make the material thickness in 0. 8 mm case let the rebound strength reached more than 300%, with superior toughness, so usually won't appear rupture, there will be no more powder of the mixture.

and disable the surgical gloves or because of the main causes of early in the 20th century, talcum powder and corn starch, prompted a granulomatous disease frequency in contact with the skin is very large, so had to change gradually, and corn starch with certain magnesia as dry etch can let a person appear allergic reaction, and creates a potential hidden trouble, so has to get the right amount of control in many countries.

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