Why is called food grade silicone material silicone products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-22

a child asked his mother: 'my son accidentally eat the silica gel desiccant, I worry dead, can toxic? 'As a member of the dongguan silicone products manufacturer to answer this question: if is silica gel desiccant is not poisonous, silica gel it is silica raw material ingredient, stable chemical properties, is regarded as the only designated used in food, medicine and even human organs. So everybody mistakenly eat desiccant or silica gel is small adorn article, don't worry too much, is no problem in theory.

the silicone products and silicone rubber products, in terms of people don't know much about the industry might mistake them for is two different material of silicone, silicone material actually after vulcanization processing is silicon rubber. So we processed products are silicone rubber products. Silicone rubber due to the wide scope of use than rubber and other materials, so get heavy use of all sorts of people, no matter in the life of common products or some very important industries have silica gel.

why called silicone food silica gel? Because he is widely used, has a unique advantage, especially the non-toxic tasteless, make it widely used in our life, such as our common pot, water dispensers, KaiShuiHu, electric rice cooker, deep fryer, such as silica gel products factory, and our human limbs and pacifier, pacifier is an essential for children's daily life, if it does not have a strict quality assurance, is can't be put into use. Must pass through the quality certification of silicone rubber articles for daily use can be at ease use. It not only has high pressure resistance, high temperature resistant and environmental protection, etc. Silicone rubber can be widely used in food in the kitchen. All kinds of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances and it must be after quality inspection, so in the use of many silicone products, we just call it food grade silicone products!

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