Why can appear mold silicone table don't in the dry

by:Cupidove     2020-05-15

mold silicone FAQ

why mold plastic table will appear in the dry and dry phenomenon

belongs to condensation silicone mold silicone is, it is by absorbing moisture in the air and curing, silica gel in the process of making the water evaporated, and no transfer into the right amount of moisture, can appear the phenomenon. Solution: this phenomenon does not belong to quality problems, but because there is no control moisture, improve the shelf life of silicone, long shelf life will appear some phenomenon, as long as in the use of silicone products, right amount add 0. 05% water, stir evenly can solve some conditions.

why mould can produce not resistant to acid and alkali, not resistant to ageing phenomenon?

in the process of making silicone mold, we suggest that the customer does not add any silicone oil, if necessary, add quantity of not more than 5% ~ 10% more silicone oil. Because the amount of silicone oil to add too much can destroy the molecular weight of silica gel, so the mold to produce not resistant to acid and alkali, not resistant to ageing phenomenon.


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