Why are the mold silicone curing uneven

by:Cupidove     2020-05-06

why mold silicone products curing uneven

why mold silicone products curing uneven, liquid silicone curing a variety of reasons, not is very common in practical applications, will seriously affect the efficiency of the silica gel. User loss serious. The following analysis of several main common reason to everybody,

1: curing agent of firming agent in too much or too little will affect the curing of silica gel. Curing agent too much will cause the curing speed, but not necessarily homogeneous, curing agent too little natural not curing effect. In accordance with the provisions of the curing agent is added, and should see clear instruction is the proportions of the volume or weight.

2: different types of curing agent can't mix, add molding glue exposed to the tin component of condensation silicone products will be no response. Which is also more common, and molding adhesive curing principle is a platinum catalyst, catalytic condensation of silica gel is of organic tin, principle of completely different, therefore, silicone and curing agent type according to manufacturer the match to use, with the corresponding models of curing agent. Operating tools are classified, do not mix. If is operating and forming silica gel, don't come into contact with the condensation products.

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