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by:Cupidove     2020-04-24
Now adult things everyone not too strange, according to the relevant departments of the investigation statistics in China more than eighty percent of people have to buy such products. And in the domestic production manufacturers and sales shops is also a huge data. So what factors make the increasing demand for adult supplies? First of all, the adult supplies sales rise and state policies. Countries in recent years to relax the regulation of adult products industry, support for adult products industry to a certain extent, make a lot of investors and manufacturers production of adult supplies. Second, the rapid development of economy makes people's life level continuously improve, people's consumption is not a single life to meet the material consumption, spiritual pursuit has been rising; The spread of sexual knowledge, sexual knowledge such as culture, make people understanding of sex had again, the traditional sexual attitudes gradually replaced by the modern civilization. Third, China's population structure unbalanced demand for adult products also have a lot of factors. According to the authorities to 2020 Chinese male population will be 20000000 more than women, what does it mean? That is to say, then China is about 20000000 singles ( Not including other variables) Thus directly increases the demand for male adult things. Unbalanced regional economic development in China. China's economic development, regional difference is very big, simple points east, and west region economic development. In the process of economic development led to a lot of jobs, also attracted a large number of urban and rural labor and the transfer of labor. In the process will inevitably cause couples split. Under the stimulus of adult supplies would be their most popular products. Fourth, some professional and personal physical fitness has a certain influence. Now impotence premature ejaculation, male disease to be hiding anything, many men in China, such people occupy a large proportion, and the cause of this factor has many, but and professional, personal body factor has a lot to do. Out in addition there are also a lot of factors prompted the rise of adult toys products, such as product humanized design, consumer individual preferences, the influence of positive network externalities, curious, mature and advanced sales model, etc. Here is not in one by one!
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