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by:Cupidove     2020-09-19

silicone rubber material is ubiquitous, do you think so, Brazil Rio Olympics will begin in August 2016, the global various countries have already arrived in Rio to prepare for the game, of course, the Chinese team, too, believe that the game can creat a brilliant future in a, and will adopt in the Rio Olympics to which the silicone products, starting from 08 Beijing Olympic Games, our country appeared fuwa has been circulated as various LOGO, silica gel products made of the most common widgets, mention of silica gel products so for the Olympic Games which silicone auxiliary tools are what are?

according to Rio to visit the reporter understands walking in the street in a foreign country a lot of places are popular with the silicone folding cups of silica gel, a lot of foreign friends far more extensive than in our country, for the mascot by local silicone products manufacturer production become silicone accessories as advertising promotional gifts, surface do manual work is delicate and beautiful, the most gifts to had not suited most. And during the Olympic Games have what silicone products can be used, although not much, but the role of silica gel products widely will still be useful, movement, how much do you know the material of the above?

the playground of the swim cap is adopted by the custom silicone products manufacturer, and its good toughness good sealing performance, can effectively protect the hair, hand ring since 05 gradually introduced into sports, such as basketball court can see a lot of players with a silica gel hand ring, bracelet and intelligence is not exceptional also became a prerequisite products, athletics and cycling, and so on athletes for cyclist coated gloves and cycling shorts, and so on of the production process can be made of silicone material, for all areas of where and no silicone material? So the Rio Olympics, of course, is no exception!

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