When the organic silicon food with organic silicone kitchen utensils and appliances

by:Cupidove     2020-08-23

silica gel for decades of more, silicon industry scientists have been studying the use of organic silicon in the food, on the other hand, organic solid silicone rubber products of silicone kitchen utensils and tableware also improved continuously improved, and both are related to our food for this has been proved that the silica gel belongs to a reputation, environmental protection green products in the use of their various occupation post, to use in different areas, from the 19th century to the present medical science and education, and people has always been the Chang Yi, organic silicon contact with inhaled or a powder situation has harmful effect into the human body, leading to illness. Don't talk about science, from the time of judgment in the history of the development of silica gel, the disadvantages of silica gel outside I am not heard rumors silicone harm to human body, so the hazardous substance already know, today it is not what we call the damage phenomenon, it belongs to a kind of stateless chemicals, had no effect on the body.

from a scientific point of view of decades, scientists have been continuously research the most appropriate how to blend food compounds and silicon material, until 2009, when scientists conducted a study concluded that silicon and organic silicon material is the most matching yeast, yeast found to contain basic food contains a lot of organic silicon dioxide, and according to the growth conditions of yeast nutrients, moisture content, temperature, oxygen, and so on the degree of growth to confirm the operation of the content, the higher the content, the higher the organic silica, and silicon dioxide is higher, this is what we talk about the original ecological food, such as the natural growth of vegetables, not spraying fruit and so on, now, the decrease of the living environment of greenhouse of genetically modified (gm) and so on silicon material content is very low, mostly vegetarian content didn't have the original of this statement, so the shortage of the silicon content of our food now lead to the occurrence of disease genes.

science the food of the organic silicon thought of silicon atoms, so today's environment, and the poor food quality is becoming more and more leads to disease could significantly increase, in use in the use of disposable plastic bowl chopsticks, also is not so in against his own body? Plastic plastic reinforcer, there exist a lot of harmful chemicals in high-temperature soak easily diluted in water, and the internal waves of onlookers cavernous have many hidden bacterium such as plastic with genetically modified food that is not to blame? So silicone products manufacturer small make up recommend the use of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances and products bring better benefits for your body, let the harmful material far from us, for our body more healthy!

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