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by:Cupidove     2020-09-16
Some people say that when it comes to let his head filled with silica gel of adult toys supplies what stuff, others said that when it comes to the silicone let him feel this kind of thing is a kind of material, but also people say that talk about the silicone let it know that in addition to the supplies into people and silica gel protective sleeve, the real silicone in addition to these more outstanding role and what you don't know the silicone products?

silica gel belongs to a kind of highly active substances, alias: ( silica gel) In real life, the silicone raw materials can be used as a complementary material products of different industries, due to have certain adsorption capacity, stability and chemical are prominent, and except as auxiliary material liquid as solid silica gel products, Hard rubber) Obtained using market, silica gel and silica gel but silicone belong to categories, which include organic silicon and inorganic silicon, silicon and inorganic and organic silicon is a category, and including silicone rubber, liquid glue, macroporous silica gel, coarse pore silica gel, pore silica gel, and so on many kinds of materials.

and silicone rubber products industry belongs to the commonly used in a product, belongs to the silica gel - Organic silicon - One of solid silica gel material, so to see in the market a lot of silicone products accessories are purchasing organic silicon solid or liquid silicone two kinds of raw materials processing, solid and liquid are belong to the organic silicon, just process is different, so some solid molding process can't do the product can be made of liquid process, liquid can't do it can be made of solid state technology, two kinds of technology belong to each other, just different materials.

in addition silicone raw materials with excellent properties, some of the sealing ring in the industry, daily necessities, electronic accessories, protective shell are made of silicone material so it is just so easy as you think! And silicone rubber is different, it is belong to environmental protection non-toxic material, for any matter and not conflict, in recent years gradually get familiar with market and industry, so to say now to the silica gel to what do I think you should know!

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