What was the reason for the lack of glue after vulcanization silicone products

by:Cupidove     2020-08-19

silicone products appeared in the process of production of plastic basic frequently missing Angle phenomenon, caused by a lack of material adverse product countless, but due to this kind of phenomenon belongs to the machining problem, for mould and raw material for the two link is not involved, so found that the situation is often the main revenue by man-made factors, if the prosecution, the main reason still can score a lot of kinds, but the main or because the silicone products manufacturer in detail control problem in the process of production and processing, so the grope and discusses the processing technology is important!

summarizes the following reasons will involve lack of adhesive material deficiency phenomenon

1, after the completion of the mixing without precise cutting process, the weight of the raw material is not enough, qiaofu hard without straw!

2, there is no accurate test during product proofing, specification and size of raw materials and methods do not have a good try, result in raw material did not fill in the cavity due to lack of glue phenomenon.

3, raw material placed after mixing time is too long, led to the decrease of the flow property, vulcanizing agent failure, unable to normal shape caused!

4, place material did not put in the process of standard operation, usually this kind of phenomenon caused by lack of glue's poor majority, are not skilled, the product operators in raw materials put seat is not accurate, can not flow to the mold core edge part

5, the machine pressure is too small, usually less with hole for thickness of mold, pressure is too small may lead to can't cure completely, can according to the size of the product for the deployment of pressure!

6, mold temperature is too high, the pendulum is more complicated product structure shape varying lengths under the condition of this kind of products in high temperature, rubber hasn't put complete have roasted lead to lack of material, this kind of phenomenon is caused by higher temperature!

7 and complicated for the product size is larger, the surface of the pendulum material need too much, cause the raw materials can't fill in the cavity leads to lack of material, can adopt different methods during test test material, the way the most simple and effective can!

material phenomenon to many for silicone rubber products factory is not a complete control, and the most main or operators in the process of raw material feeding precision, and some of the silicone rubber products manufacturers in the process of machining are not control the raw material, the weight of the rubber is not controllable, lead to famine, some in some burrs is bulky, bad side, and so on phenomenon, so there is no planned production and processing is not a high quality silica gel make

product, and the weight of the raw material is not controlled, can lead to waste of raw materials, production of defective rate increases, causing the latter trouble!

after many years of experience, 'remember that want to make high quality products, controls should be strict in personnel, to do simple things repeatedly, you are the expert to repeat things do attentively, you are a winner,'

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