What types of liquid silicone of high transparent

by:Cupidove     2020-04-24

what types of high transparency liquid silicone products

high transparency liquid silicone products have what use? Persona simple two examples, one, do the products, do the products there are two types, one is the injection plastic, viscosity is very thick, injection molding machine, injection molding, is commonly used in common a pacifier, products such as following, the other is making molds, precision casting, general request silica gel viscosity is too high, better toughness, not brittle, this kind of silica gel is difficult at the same time satisfy the high transparency, low viscosity, high resistance to tear, if you have hardness requirement, it will be harder to achieve, therefore, this kind of silicone products need to purchase in the well-known manufacturers, ordinary manufacturers are hard to meet the requirements of

the second kind is electronic potting glue, low viscosity, good fluidity, high transparency, can do circuit board, power supply box, LED potting, good adhesion, waterproof insulation, flame retardant, heat conduction is a good material to seal,

the third class is silica gel, silica gel is soft, the characteristics of a viscous, stick can be used as the breast, breast, scar and other products, can also be used as a filling and sealing, such as sealing and high efficiency filter.

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