What the film and television special effects makeup with silica gel

by:Cupidove     2020-05-09

what the film and television special effects makeup with silica gel

special effects makeup with silica gel is very popular now, nearly a few TV play again around the special effects makeup. Such as the word 'bone' forensic 'hit, and so on, so, what special effects makeup with silica gel?

silica gel is the main application of the human body, a two-component liquid at room temperature vulcanization silicone products rubber, and forming a kind of environmental protection silicone, the characteristics of this kind of silica gel hardness is adjustable, can do very soft, and ensure the tear tensile resistance, high and low temperature resistance, can reach 300 degrees, low - 60 degrees, not deformation, narrow, environmental non-toxic no flavor, is the simulation of the human body material, as the silica gel performance improvement, the development of technology, the application of silicone products in film and television special effects will be more and more extensive

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