What the devil are glows silicone products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-05

a lot of people know the products of our some shine, at night, flicker of luminous, feeling giving a person a kind of very good visual perception, a lot of friends know that this is a chemical, but after careful don't understand, we are now a lot of accessories and daily necessities have to add the luminous material, in the night, to increase their lead, such as common glo-sticks, bracelet, necklace and so on, but now a lot of friends is also full of novelty, on clothes pants shoes also design all kinds of color of the light, in the silicone products, our common hand ring, necklace, also have this kind of light-emitting products, then what is the material made of it?

the silicone products is generally not glow, actually this is a chemical additive mixture, luminous powder, it belongs to inorganic materials, main ingredients for rare earths, to absorb the energy stored by heat and light, the night light will automatically create, its main raw materials by calcium sulfide, sodium sulfate, potassium sulfate, strontium sulfate, sodium chloride, silver nitrate, magnesium sulfide and so on to make all kinds of colour of light pink, with silicone raw materials combined with each other to get the silicone luminous products, avirulent environmental protection, but everyone knows the silicone products to add to the body health of phosphor have any effect?

for that matter, small make up silicone products manufacturer, noctilucent powder in our normal standard inspection report is non-toxic and view in many cases, there are fluorescent powder or a little harm to the body, or low toxicity, is only in view of the luminous powder raw materials, mixing with but for silicone products in high temperature vulcanization molding after heavy process, let the luminous powder and silica gel raw materials dissolved in an organic whole, grind up on rare earth material, so generally do not have harm to the body, now on the market of luminous products mostly by bath element excitation alkaline-earth silicon aluminate, non-toxic, no radiation, as long as don't swallowing nearly, basically there will be no harm!


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