What's the use of glass silicone ring? Is broken?

by:Cupidove     2020-09-11

when we use glass tend to find such a phenomenon, lid when tightened up, but it still have a little tilt the water came out, so you suspect the cover didn't cover for the first time, and then built two times repeatedly, the result is still the same. In fact, the direct cause of the problems is that the inside of the lid that silicone case of damage or dislocation.

so what is the aprons? Basic all has such a water bottle lid on silica gel circle, don't look down upon this small pads, without it, you can only drink mineral water when you travel. Because the silica gel circle is one of the main purposes: the leak.

we can imagine, if you take down the aprons, then when the screw on the lid, whether there will be a little gap between the cup and lid. Because both belong to the hard plastic, even if again big of strength, nor will the cup and the lid close fit together. In order to solve this problem, use the glass silica gel pad made of silicone materials. Silica gel is a kind of non-toxic, environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance material, and made into silica gel circle after the plastic is stronger, so can play a role of sealing, prevent water overflow.

in general, the silica gel circle of life is far greater than the glass, if you buy a stainless steel cup, so it can stay with you for many years. But there is no absolute, sometimes we accidentally put the silica gel circle contact some fat, acid, then the damage to the glass, silica gel circle is very big. Because the silicone raw materials used in making glass, silica gel circle, at the beginning of the refining did not consider the contact with oil, acid, alkaline liquid, so less added some accessories.

so, we in the use of water glass, it is best not to for the above damage to silica gel circles have liquid. And in use at ordinary times should pay attention to clean, clean way to what?

common and simple way is to use toothpaste clean, many glass silicone ring can be removed, we can squeeze a bit of toothpaste on the aprons, dip in with a little water, and then take a small brush gently brush. Toothpaste to the tea scale cleaning effect is very good, brush a few times, aprons will show the original color.

if water cup in use, aprons accidentally broken, or lost, what should I do? Can't directly in a glass. There are two small coup for your reference:

rubber band instead of method

inspect lid aprons original size, find three or four rubber band, and then put a rubber band in the hot water, cool off after entwined into glass originally the position of the silica gel circle, finally with the hand press a few times. Because the rubber band is made of silicone rubber, so can replace glass silicone ring.

plastic wrap emergency method

to intercept a certain amount of plastic wrap, and then knead by hand into thin strips, finally into the lid can be fixed by hand. Plastic wrap plastic weaker, just use after many times cannot seal effect, so often want to change. Most cling film is made of PVC material, it is also a kind of high temperature resistant material can be put into the microwave, so everyone can be at ease use.

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