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by:Cupidove     2020-05-15
Directly into the baby's mouth as the pacifier, its material quality, safety and health performance will directly about the baby to eat, and even affect the child's development. In the context of pacifier of common material on the market at present, is divided into two kinds: latex and silica gel. So, how parents preferred choice, want to consider what factors in the process of buying? Latex pacifier use latex pacifier baby are all natural latex. Need to stress is that this kind of the elasticity and resilience of the material is very good, so even a bite, pulling, little deformation, it is for small user base it is very important. However, from another perspective, latex pacifier also has its limits. Due to material derived from rubber, so inevitably there will be some odor, aging at the same time, the effect of their heat resistance and corrosion resistance as well as expected. So parents before choosing latex pacifier for baby, these factors are taken into account, shall be preferred to buy. pacifier must be qualified silicone nipple, non-toxic odorless product has reached the degree of environmental protection and safety food grade standard. Pacifier for babies silicone products material, its tactility and comfort are very close to my mother's nipple, and the secretion of saliva when promote the baby to suck at the same time, also help to practice on the muscles of the jaw development, this part comprehensive quality, so in comparison, the silicone pacifier very easily accepted by babies. Also is to emphasize, the safe and qualified, silicone nipple their anti-aging, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are generally higher. But, have to say that the silicone products pacifiers with low elasticity, once bitten broken, it is easy to large tear. So when the baby using silicone material pacifier, parents must check frequently, if anyone find any signs of ageing, should be replaced immediately. Can't be ignored at the bottom of the pacifier in addition to the pacifier overall style, material, at the bottom of the design is also the focus of the parents should be considered when the choose and buy. Design reasonable enough, its purpose lies in the fact that if the baby was sucking at once met with resistance, in addition to the discomfort, also refused to suck. So soft, and relatively spacious style, at the bottom of a more suitable for the baby. Detail place pacifier whole warm prompt in addition to the above mentioned material, there are soft down hard on the double material design, the design of such advantage is that can better help baby's oral development.
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