What methods of cleaning maintenance silica gel following correctly

by:Cupidove     2020-09-04

mobile phone protection shell is currently occupying most of smart phone accessories sales share, according to incomplete statistics more than 85% of global mobile phone users will use a mobile phone cases, this data is the amount of phone cases about how many!

the most mobile phone protection shell routine use of PC, TPU, PP, PVC, and silica gel to protect shell, this kind of material belong to tape material, tape phone cases after long-term use will appear yellow, dirty and the phenomenon of dirt, then in view of the following appear this kind of phenomenon we should how to correct maintenance?

for clean soft rubber bumpers, such as simple clean some just don't stubborn, can wipe in general or with wet paper towels, the steps and corner deep place can use a brush can

as following from more dirty, it is hard to get rid of the dirt and printing ink and liquid, it needs to use detergent or tooth gum to daub on soaking, soak 1 hour after wiped gently with a soft brush, and finally dry with a towel to prevent dry, ventilated and the shade, Such as in high temperature, is likely to lead to appear faded yellowing phenomenon) !

the second is to difficult to clean and groove, the cracks in the usable wind taste, will be following in clean water soak for a while, take a piece of wet paper towels, pour into a moderate amount of wind on paper towels, and then directly covered in the following from wet paper towels, let stand for half an hour, you will find the dirt on the following, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, following will become very clean.

finally in view of the following from clean white and transparent color, this kind of phone cases are difficult is easy to fade in yellow, especially for silicone following, so it is in the production of finished usually spray antistatic feel oil, usually can use water to clean, but the use of detergent and laundry detergent will make silicone molecular chain necrosis resulting in a decline in the resilience of the products, products appear deformation phenomenon, so for the silicone products often can use white electric oil is wiped, if not white electric oil can wipe with a wet towel.

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