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by:Cupidove     2020-04-26
World diabetes coalition, according to the UN diabetes day theme color design & other Blue silicone products bracelet & throughout; , and through a variety of ways, in order to raise money to help children in the developing countries suffer from diabetes. Not only the righteousness of the blue bracelet bought that people donated a love, and that the blue hands with ring wear is the most powerful support for diabetes campaign and popularity. To arouse the diabetes harm to the attention of a worldwide, people made great efforts, as the world health organization and the international diabetes federation jointly determine, from 1991 to insulin every November 14th discoverer, Canadian scientists banting birthday as world diabetes day. In 2006 the United Nations general assembly will officially established world diabetes day as the United Nations day, also identified & other; Blue & throughout; As a United Nations diabetes day theme color, its meaning is: the blue ring is a symbol of life, the earth, and health, the complete ring represents the world from all walks of life dedicated to the prevention and control of diabetes, unite to overcome diabetes epidemic. In order to strengthen diabetes day in China, called on people to aid of children of diabetes, arouse people's awareness, prevention and treatment of diabetes and force health fund also produced a blue hand with ring in this year, and will be on November 14 - UN diabetes day in 3 armour hospital, the national famous chain pharmacies for free, hope that through this little bracelet will & other; Love, a life, health & throughout; The concept of transfer to everyone.
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