What kind of silicone material false ear how to make use

by:Cupidove     2020-05-14

how to make false ear with what kind of silicone materials

make silicone for the ear belongs to one of the human body the silicone products, environmental non-toxic, hardness is adjustable, can according to the specific requirements to determine, silicone products tearing tensile performance is good, appearance and reality in the ear, to do the film and television props, very realistic, production method is simple, the human ear can be used to open mold, using silicone mold, silicone poured into the mold in the human body, form a perfect after curing ear, this kind of silicone application field is very broad, such as pig eight quit to ears, film and television props, mask, artificial limbs, and other aspects of the silica gel used in the human body, can be used, the prospect for now is very good, need friends can contact me at any time, Cupidove silicone wang. Cupidove silicone old brand manufacturers, 20 years of history, quality trustworthy,

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