What kind of people will walk into adult shop to buy the product?

by:Cupidove     2020-04-08
What kind of people will walk into adult shop to buy the product? Time: 2019 08 - 30 source: author: reading: for what kind of people will buy adult supplies? Is a lot of people want to understand things, solve inner this curiosity is the most concern of the operators. Because the relationship to the survival of adult shop, not so much a part of curiosity, but rather a heart eager to obtain management method in the beating. One, for a & other; What people will buy adult supplies? ” Question, let's look at their psychology. Such people mentality can represent quite a number of Chinese current mindset, think too dirty sex, initiative, but you simply can not do without it. Is this mindset contributed to the some unhealthy mentality, which is why han said he thanks to Japan's AV, because it is from a certain Angle, the enlightenment for China is a group of young people to know, at least you know you're not out of the water and blows in your mouth spit it out, nor is it from his nostrils. Come from the psychological point of view, we need to adult products stereotypes to shift, as an operator yourself to correct understanding of the value of adult products and positioning. Something is not in the traditional concept of initiative, not vulgar culture derivatives. Adult supplies is assisted us to reach the physiological needs some kind of highly efficient appliances, unapt cause psychological distress, sex in the end. Second, what kind of people buy products into adult shop? Data statistics, the female orgasm many times more difficult than men, so sex between husband and wife or lovers are hard to reach orgasm. With the aid of adult products reach orgasm became a cash society generally imagine, so on the purchase of products in the people. Most young male and female buy men's psychological tendency is to try the newness, satisfy curiosity. And buy a couple of adult supplies, mostly in order to truly achieve orgasm, regulatory atmosphere in the process of life. Single men and women, because there is no sexual partners so you need to use adult supplies solve the problem of physiological needs. And this part also extremely urgent demand for this, on the purchase of the product more clear out, will not care about other people's eye lights due to face problems. Often in entertainment venues, including hotels, tourist crowd. This portion of the population is likely to need to have sex during business trip, but because their partners not, and if the affair and beware of the risk of disease, or out of pressure was exposed, so can only carry the necessary adult products as an alternative, and the adult products design is very humanization, recognised by a lot of people on satisfaction, so the choose and buy of adult products become the suitable choice. Three high profits, adult supplies the reason is that the reason of the things no one will be basically to bargain, this is indeed a very fun thing. Basically as long as we go to buy some big things can bargain, but met sex toys, is basically no one will to bargain, whether men or women, no matter how much the boss to sell as they pay, and profits. Durex, for example, the three price is 18 yuan commonly, this is the most basic, often less than $10, but the purchase price, which may include durex overflow of brand value in it, but just 15% of the gross profit of retail department store, nearly 100% of the profit is quite astonishing. These is not a big head, big head is appeal shop various kidney of so-called something of an aphrodisiac, profits are basically percentage hundred, not the specific said. As long as the clear is that this thing is to make money, basically there is no question of food and clothing, and a very fast growing market, so don't worry about these shops will collapse.
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