What is the production process of metal silicone products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-19

the shape of the silica gel process for production of special products are need to high hardness is not easy to twists and turns of the silicone products, hardware plastic bags products became one of the choice of many customers, such as our common basic are internal is external metal handle is glue system, we can call this phenomenon the local adhesive glue and the whole package, local common plastic bags products like screwdriver whole package this product is silicone spoon this comprehensive package adhesive products, and for the silicone products manufacturer, the local package product adopts the difficulty of the injection molding process is relatively large, so basic it is to produce the overall effect of plastic bags.

for packages rubber silicone products mixed good molding process is mainly of rubber to metal into the mold in the mold of the overall package to get the whole package effect, but for the appearance of the product and the requirements of the overall package more products, so the hardware leakage into hardware package glue craft a big difficulty, because the rubber material of hard to avoid can appear a variety of problems, for people in the middle of the production process and the adjustment of the machine will need different methods to solve.

offset lead to leakage of hardware, offset is refers to the hardware in the moulding of rubber is put in the head or the tail or missing hardware hardware migration, leads to deviation phenomenon is mainly due to the machine pressure may cause the hardware migration phenomenon, to control the machine pressure, time, temperature can make qualified fine products, rubber products put caused by uneven, rubber put need symmetrical evenly and put process need to pay attention to cover the edges of the rubber, temperature control is very important, as far as possible in the process of put the time into the mould time shorten guarantee temperature and time control of the mold, such as too brittle may lead to leakage phenomenon of hardware products. So in general still will hold good molding process, the effect of the rear can achieve high quality

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