What is the difference between silicon rubber and silicon gel, you know

by:Cupidove     2020-09-14

a lot of friends all know that the silicone products have a certain hardness range, although seemingly soft but beyond a certain range of hard softness mixing rubber carlt requirements, such as product is too hard or too soft, too hard products may be replaced by natural rubber and other synthetic rubber, hardness too soft may be replaced by different materials, such as silica gel is one of them, as a hot material in recent years, it is exactly the difference with silicone rubber?

silicone rubber products belong to solid molding processing, it is based on poly (methyl vinyl siloxane as the main body, and raw materials through the white carbon black, siloxane and silicone resin and other compounds knot, auxiliary material through the combination and become, finished product is high temperature mold production and processing molding has good softness and hard softness in 20 - Between 80 degrees,

it also belongs to the silicon gel silica gel inside one of these, and it mainly has the liquid forming can be achieved 40 degrees of softness and high purity, strong elasticity, it belongs to half solidification molding after curing condition, used in a variety of basic material has good sealing auxiliary sealing, has a certain resistance to high temperature performance, modulation of raw materials to complete the same as the silicone rubber raw material will not be frozen state, and can form the solidified body, after the fixed-line fixed without any reaction in the process of change!

it with silica gel products different processing method and the product material, the silica gel has better adaptability and the environment and use, in any material and silicone force can be automatically after extrusion broken damage healing, density sealed preferable to moistureproof waterproof function, so it is used in precision electronic components, back light and electrical module of waterproof, moistureproof, prevent gas pollution coating, such as casting and potting protection.

silicon gel type can be divided into many kinds, and our common medical materials and so on material will be used to level medical silica gel material, because it is below freezing soft performance and it has the condition of self-seal, long-term internal as well as the human body skin contact.

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