What is on the silicone molding liquid silicone manufacturers

by:Cupidove     2020-05-15

what is silicone molding liquid silicone products manufacturers to simple,

silica gel has many kinds, to introduce the following add forming silica gel, silica gel is a kind of liquid silicone molding, liquid silica gel and a condensation silicone, difference between their different solidification principle, rubber and silicone molding is a platinum catalyst, belongs to the environmental protection silicone, not only non-toxic odorless, performance is superior to condensation silicone, common ratio of 1:1, also called AB glue, and 10:1, 9:1, according to different application, production process principle is different, so the ratio is also different, and the molding and identity in the application of the silica gel is widespread, including silica gel, the trademark adhesive, plastic injection, foaming silicone, etc. , reuse is to be in strict accordance with the manual operation, can appear otherwise including proportion, mixing unevenly, curing such problems as incomplete

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