What is a jelly glue what purpose

by:Cupidove     2020-05-15

when it comes to jelly glue, everyone is curious, I actually jelly glue is a low viscosity of liquid silicone products rubber with viscous gel transparent bicomponent molding silicone products gel, also known as silica gel, room temperature curing, can also heat curing, the higher the temperature the faster the curing characteristics of the jelly glue cured form like children to eat jelly, soft, sticky, so people are commonly known as it is jelly glue;

so jelly glue have what use?

jelly glue actually start is for research and development of high efficiency air filter production a potting material, aluminum in a ring around the perimeter of the high efficiency air filter tank, jelly glue in high efficiency air filter aluminum groove seal role, in the aluminum groove to form an airtight seal airtight effect; Aluminum tank sealant and tank wall adhesion is good, if mobile or remove the filter, the glue will very easy to separate from the filter, the reply elasticity, and can automatically recover the sealing effect. Excellent weather resistance, excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, can absorb heat bilges cold shrink stress without cracking, moderate hardness, good elasticity, therefore in the high efficiency filter industry is called liquid trough adhesive.

in addition to the high efficiency filter, actually jelly glue has been widely used in many fields, such as: precision electronic encapsulation waterproof and moistureproof, requires high transparency, recovery requires high power module, LED lamp encapsulation, circuit board assembly of electronic equipment such as potting material.

there are resilient: silica gel products such as silica gel powder puff, placket, breast, shoulder pad, the hip pad high-grade production of silica gel products such as;

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