What is a common condensation silicone mold silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-04-24

what is common condensation silicone mold silicone

speaking of condensation silicone products, many people may not have heard, but to say the mold silicone, basically all know, the mold silicone application is very extensive, and mold the silicone is a kind of condensation silicone products, other kinds and pad printing silicone products, electronic potting glue, etc. , condensation type silicone and silicone molding relatively, the main difference is that different solidification principle, condensation silicone is organotin catalyst, namely silica gel with the curing agent, belongs to the environmental protection material, so also called industrial-grade silicone, is characterized by good performance, low cost, tearing tensile line is strong, but could not only possess excellent condensation silicone oil, shrink, deformation, rolling over more. Choice condensation silicone must, therefore, quality priority, to avoid trouble performance,

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