What are the tools of using silica gel double mould

by:Cupidove     2020-04-28

what are the tools of using silica gel double mould

mold silicone products application field is very wide, including cement component, resin handicraft, gesso line mold and so on, silica gel process of rolling over, use what tools, the following simple way,

1. Liquid silicone products also called silicon likang or silica gel, is rolling over in the process of making silicone mold the main consumables, translucent and white two kinds, it is recommended to use white, and the number of rolling over than translucent better liquidity.

curing agent is to make the liquid silicone curing, according to the requirements of manufacturer proportion to join the silica gel, fully mixing after covering mould. Curing agent to join too much, silica gel quickly sclerosis, may not have after operation is discarded. To join too, curing time is very long, also could not cure. In general, molds silica gel, curing agent is given,

2. AB resin, commonly known as AB water is a very convenient materials used, AB according to 1:1 mix, mix adequately, about 3 ~ 5 minutes start curing, completely curing wait for 1 hour and can release. Rolling over details very well, small shrinkage rate, feel is good. Mold release spray, can replace with medical vaseline, can also replace with oily stuff such as eye ointment, the purpose is to separate the silicone mold.

3。 Industrial plasticine ( Sludge) As the main material of making reflection before pouring silicone mold, more soft, can use oil sludge, and soil instead of, can use repeatedly, with more a large number of rolling over.

5。 Electronic scale to weigh the weight of the silicone products and curing agent ratio.

in addition, in the process of operation is commonly used to hot melt glue, scissors, baffle, container, stir bar and other tools.

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