What are the problems lead to influence the down side of silicone products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-04

in the silicone products of rubber mixing process of product from the cutting edge problem has become a problem we verbally phenomenon, appear in the process of production will be the size of the burrs, let staff worried face down side, side to slow down the phenomenon, first of all, beautiful appearance of the phenomenon is need craftsmanship, auxiliary products and high precision equipment, if rough not neat appearance, burrs is coarser will directly affect the whole product, especially for small silicone accessories special shape of concave and convex, and what are bad for small parts tear open the cause of the edge! Which need to pay attention to what details?

there is an well as the saying goes, 'technology a good thing, must first sharpen his' this is used to silicone products factory production process of no difference at all, if you want to put the silica gel products do perfect, it should be under the technology above enough, hard enough to die under the above basis can play good enough for the backend process, for edge down the phenomenon, the mould clamping line take out stitches from processing become the key of the product, and in the process of production the cause of bad break edge is mostly come from the mould take out stitches from the problem, so small silicone accessories products in silicone products manufacturer, such as the cost of the mould are product is more expensive than a lot of big size, because the parting line and remove the processing is good to do.

out enough pains in the mold, the vulcanization process also need to control the product since the split is good, the phenomenon has appeared in the process of production and processing will lead to kill yourself hard burrs too soft, cutting edge easy tear products, at this time should be proper control of time, the curing time control in a certain range, not too long nor too short, time is too long can lead to product is too fragile, is there will be a tear at the edge of the split phenomenon! Second side down the difficult products can be put inside the machine mechanical unpacking side head process, will be cleared, peripheral big burrs that hand down the side of the efficiency of quick a lot, for open side in the mold and production process with the close relation, the size of the burrs on raw material also should pay attention to certain factors.

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