What are the problems in the production process the silicone products manufacturer

by:Cupidove     2020-09-09

why don't do it in the mold silicone will appear dry phenomenon in the silicone industry class everyone know silica gel products processing is not very good cutting edge, after the completion of the first is the staff in the process of blanking die too much time too long, because the second mold silica gel in the process of making, mainly by absorbing moisture in the air and curing, the moisture evaporated completely, there is no call in just the right amount of moisture, can appear the phenomenon, this phenomenon does not belong to quality problems, but because there is no control moisture, improve the shelf life of silicone, long shelf life will appear some phenomenon, as long as in the use of silica gel, add a small amount of water, is ok.

to why the silica gel products, tension and burn the phenomenon of mold, in the process of making mould, in order to reduce the viscosity of silicone products, silicone easy to operate and large amounts of added silicone oil in the silica gel, this will make silicone is very soft, or molding time is too short, have no resistance, tear strength is reduced, the phenomenon of tension variation, and burning mode because products with peroxide curing agent, reaction in the resin will produce a lot of heat, general curing time for 3 minutes, so after 3 minutes to release as soon as possible, to prevent the silicone mold won't produce the phenomenon that burn mode.

mold silicone in turn fewer die? Add too much silicon oil in the process of making mould, so the mold will appear the phenomenon such as fewer die not durable. If do small product more complex products, with high hardness of silica gel to open mold, can appear the phenomenon of fewer rolling over, if the silicone mold release time is too long will lead to silicone rubber products will be very brittle, easily broken. If make building products with small silica gel for mold hardness, the results also is not satisfied. Because the silicone is too soft, its tensile and tear strength will reduce, will make mold deformation, so it will reduce number of rolling over. Mold rubber itself will naturally very good quality, so suitable for the size of the product hardness silicone to make the mold silicone won't appear this kind of situation.

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