What are the precautions for the silicone oil brush custom processing

by:Cupidove     2020-08-19

outdoors travel time for baking and cooking that is beyond or without in silica gel types of tableware products, silicone oil brush can be said to be the Chinese and foreign countries are like a kitchen supplies, as a comparative advantage in the brush oil and spices that make a tableware, it in terms of performance has been achieved we use requirement, and can also achieve different requirements in terms of production and processing of certification testing, so a high quality silica gel oil brush or leave the processing technology of the silica gel tableware manufacturers.

in our daily needs a certain high temperature when cooking, so the silicone brush brush head for natural also need certain temperature requirements, so the silicone products raw materials resistant to high and low temperature that is bound to achieve, is not this aspect will need to pay attention to the selection, in general silicone oil brush raw materials must be safe to eat grades, non-toxic tasteless without impurities quality requirements, so for the material must be selected.

build quality is more important, a high quality silicone products with requirements on the appearance of users that have to do it on the production process, and more attention must be silicone brush brush head part of it, because the silicone brush brush head is too long, die hole above the deeper the discharge process is through the CNC mould making, and in the bottom of the mold manufacturing process such as electro discharge machining precision, enough to brush is likely to have burrs or fracture phenomenon, so in terms of mould need to pay attention to whether brush brush head hole of a discharge in place.

where is the function depends on the silicone brush?

functional problems would have to say to the functional sex of the brush head, because of the silicone brush in the brush oil needs certain strength and toughness in the process of brush oil uniformity, it can be affected from the aspects of can

1, the material softness brush head brush material is too hard can lead to oil is too rigid and also has splash phenomenon to the body, after the material is too soft for the food is too hard and not brush figure.

2, the influence of the structural layout, the layout of the silicone brush evenly is available, the layout of the silicone brush can't usually too wide but also cannot too narrow, spacing between 1 - apart Between 3 mm, brush and brush head is too wide to brush the back to force, not about the silicone brush factory production after is too narrow, and use will have sticky phenomenon.

3, the importance of appearance quality, painting products belong to a product of a thick, usually there will be too thick too soft on both sides and the phenomenon of broken edge, so in the process of production need to strictly control the actual temperature and curing time of silicone products manufacturers, and products of black spots impurities and secondary add sulfur or must be strictly controlled.

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