What are the influencing factors on the quality of the silica gel protective sleeve!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-18

as the electronic product market, everyone is familiar with electronic protective set of current and is a kind of very rise protection product, use the silicone material is not simply a choice, appearance on the quality is not inferior to the other materials, bring more convenience to consumer, and we all know that a product has certain defects, so the quality of the silica gel products quality is limited by what factors?

1, the tensile strength of springback:

the tensile strength is the root of rubber and plastic products, mainly refers to the silicone material in the drawing what is the basic condition, on the different range units reach a certain standard, and silicone electronic protective sleeve can pick up to a certain flexibility have to achieve a good drop shock effect, and so on the basis of raw material tensile strength range between 4 solid organic silicone rubber products. 0 - 12. Between 5 mpa. Fluorine and silicone rubber tensile strength range between 8. 7 - 12. Between 1 mpa. The tensile strength of the liquid silicone rubber range between 3. 6 - 11. Between 0 mpa.

2, hard softness:

silicone rubber raw material has some different hard softness, common can be divided into 30 - Between 80 degrees, moderate effect on the silica gel protective sleeve can achieve, in general the silicone stress and hard softness has certain factors, such as high hardness causing too brittle didn't rebound strength, low hardness appears too brittle is easy to be stained with dust, so the design process of hard softness mediation can be fully effective help for design, specific see your products need to meet certain strength!

3, elongation:

, often referred to as 'limit rupture elongation' or when the sample fracture relative to the length of the original growth by percentage. Hot with sulfur type solid silicone rubber elongation range between 90 to 1120%. Fluorine and silicone rubber elongation between 159 to 699%. Liquid silicone rubber elongation between 220 to 900%. Different processing methods and the selection of curing agent can greatly change the elongation. Silicone rubber elongation and temperature has a great relationship.

4, processing time:

when a lot of silicone rubber products appear bad phenomenon often because processing appear different poor quality, and the length of time the majority reason, under normal circumstances the silicone products manufacturer to fix curing time, and time to adjust to the normal access mode leads to bulge, insourcing wind, outsourcing phenomenon such as wind, time is too short to product soft stretch no springback phenomenon, curing time is too long, can lead to product too brittle. So growth curing time control to a certain effect!

5, the product the machine, the machine of the factors such as temperature, time, schedule, and pressure can lead to undesirable phenomenon, silica gel protective sleeve and control product risk factors is in technology will all issues around zero, such as what kind of what kind of products need to adjust the temperature, time, stroke and pressure and so on!

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