What are the differences between the silicone wash a face to brush the useless

by:Cupidove     2020-09-11

there is one kind of product, it not only can be used as makeup tools, children also apply to wash bath use, this product is silicone wash a face to brush, the first to the appearance of the product positioning is largely young women for facial purify is corneous, facial massage, product surface many soft small needle, needle length is about 1. 85 - 2. 0 mm, product overall length is 6. 5 * 5. 0 cm, this size is just player took the and brought back a sucker, very convenient to absorb the table or on the dresser, also can absorb in the mirror, not too much force, to absorb is hard to fall down, product appearance is elegant, brushes, soft and elastic.

when we put the silica gel that wash a face to brush when used as a makeup tools, brush in the smear foam cleanser, facial massage, can achieve the effect of purify is corneous. Silica gel products are environmental protection materials, molding, raw materials can be passed the SGS certification. Non-toxic no side effects, this product has a brand of cosmetics in supporting the use, is very popular. My company is doing it so well, because the design of the product itself is very reasonable, product selection is the key, the product of hardness from 10 degrees - general - - 40 degrees, but can according to different consumer groups, the choice of different hardness, bathing for the baby shampoo, is chosen as soft as possible, of course, hardness is in commonly - 25 degrees - - 35 degrees, the hardness of the silicone brush not only can achieve the effect of washing, and won't hurt to touch the baby's skin. Now our company for this product for the customer development - a softness to 10 degrees - 15 degrees of silicone brush, its main field is a high-end series of products, products, is currently in development.

as the baby hair brush, the benefits of the product mainly lies in the soft surface of the needle is exquisite, daub the baby special bath dew, very convenient. When used in baby shower shampoo brush, general is according to the grade of the ordinary in the sales, product retail price for the 3 - - - 5 yuan between, all use opp bag packing, according to different packing, the prices have to rise, but that doesn't affect the quality of the products. At present our company for the use of this product is different in different packaging, the unit price are the factory price shall prevail, to sales, in the premise of guarantee quality, our price has always been very low. In the face of increasingly incentive competition in the market, maintain a reasonable profit, is we always adhere to the idea, as manufacturers of advantage.

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