What are the differences between silicone pacifiers and latex nipple

by:Cupidove     2020-09-21

we all know that quality is similar to that of a latex pacifier silicone nipple, just different material internal performance, is made from natural rubber latex nipple, material performance is close to our body, but the disadvantage is that it will not a long service life, and there are abnormal flavor, rubber, hard to accept that many babies, silica gel products are made from synthetic rubber production of nipple, any water and solvent insoluble, but relatively narrowly on hardness, oral tenacious little baby pacifier can choose silicone material, some can not adapt to latex material taste can also choose to silicone pacifiers.

the silicone material pacifier general silicone products manufacturers are using food grade platinum silicone products manufacturer, safe and transparent, non-toxic, tasteless, no harm to infants, and can be at ease use, and its relatively longer service life and can make high and low temperature - 40 ° to 280 ° anti-aging and so on, generally use time limit within half a year is no problem, the disadvantage is that the silicone products pacifier material is hard than latex material, if a little bit more artificial tear cracks will tear along the grain, suggest that oral don't adapt to hard a little babies or latex pacifier.

latex pacifier has relative advantages and disadvantages, it is made from natural rubber, so the elasticity is good we are commonly applied to some gloves, toys, rubber, sponge and so on, are common in respect of the pacifier use, with good flexibility, more let our babies are able to go to grind, he has excellent pull litre, resilience, relative environmental protection, its shortcoming is to use the limited time, easy to deformation, ageing resistance is weak, heat-resisting performance is poor, and it has the flavor of the rubber, smell that many babies are not used, choose the pacifier can understand some of the material difference to choose first.

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