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by:Cupidove     2020-04-24
Female adult toys products use what are the considerations and properly use adult toys things in a correct way will help improve the quality of sexual life, add a lot of fun to sex, also can bring positive effect to health. In addition, sexual function disabled husband and wife, sex products can also be a treatment tool. Using adult toys products can reduce sex outside marriage, is conducive to peace and stability of the family. Women use the instruments to pay special attention to the following points: 【 1 】 Chosen now sexual health care products market is chaotic, the good and evil people mixed up various sex products, should have the right to choose when buying knowledge, had better be in family planning department of choose and buy, on the one hand can prevent counterfeit products, on the other hand can accept advice and guidance. 【 2 】 Health before using swab with 75% of medical alcohol disinfection, and apply a small amount of lubricating oil; Timely collection preserved after washing to dry after use. 【 3 】 Look at the instructions carefully before safe use, good grasp of the vibration velocity and amplitude so as not to damage the vagina, cooperate with condom use, best for inflammation of department of gynaecology patients are forbidden to use. 【 4 】 Health when used with no guilt, loosen the mood, calm, psychological feelings of pleasure. 【 5 】 Moderate sex supplies is another manifestation of masturbation, as long as the physiological and psychological maturity, occasionally and harmless, but everything must regularly, don't indulge in it. Women before use, it is best to do necessary consulting experts, and once appear, disease of department of gynaecology, must immediately stop using, and refer to the doctor treatment in time.
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