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by:Cupidove     2020-04-30
Perceptions as living standards improve and update, will be spending for the next generation of parents often at the cost of time be careful with the baby from harm. In the daily family life, all kinds of shape form type furniture, electrical appliances, etc. , and these things edges sharp water chestnut at ordinary times we are more easily ignored, discovered until after baby knock against these problems, how to solve these problems, in order to avoid further cause harm to the baby, the product is still under the silicone products talk about how to solve the problem. Silica gel beads cushion can solve this problem, silica gel beads cushion is environmental protection silicone material, high quality avirulent insipidity, easy to clean, high temperature resistant and comfortable soft elastic, is often used in baby products bottle, pacifier, etc. Vacuum adsorption type design make the product perfectly on all kinds of furniture, electrical appliances, the baby will not easily give off. We can also according to the actual environment allocate appropriate product color, to protect horn pad in the perfect fusion. Is a crush, hurry up to! Protect horn pad, of course, not only a kind of silicone material, listed below are common material corner protector mat for your reference. Natural coconut, MaBian, the cane material Angle pad: characteristic is hard, very wear-resisting. Place in the doorway or the balcony, easy to bring down sole dirt and sand. Use after a period of time can knock out repeatedly in the open air, to remove the internal dirt of the cotton material Angle pad: characteristic is not static, softer, stepped on the foot feels good. Place in the bed, toilet, cloakroom is used at the door. Cotton pads when cleaning use the washing machine or hand washing, then drying in the sun. Suggest to be cleaned once every 2 to 3 months. Chemical fiber material Angle pad: the advantage is not deformation, more strong. Fit into the sitting room, kitchen and study using. Chemical fiber MATS suggested that dry cleaning. Plastic material Angle pad: is characterized by high stability and strong adsorption ability, suitable for bathroom, next to the sink. When cleaning brush with the brush clean and dry it.
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