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by:Cupidove     2020-05-02

application domain what liquid silicone products rubber silicone products manufacturers

silicone rubber is very hard to use field gf, in this simple introduces the application of a two-component liquid silicone field, first of all because without silica gel in the field of application is divided into several categories.

mold silicone: mold with silica gel is used to turn the mold products, including resin handicraft, cement component, gesso line, etc. , dissolve the visitors can use the mold of the silicone to mould, the characteristics of this kind of silica gel, high and low temperature resistance, tear resistance performance is good, corrosion resistance, aging resistance has certain elasticity and flexibility and flame retardancy.

the silica gel: with the development of the society, the human body silicone application field is becoming more and more high, such as medical devices, simulation skin, silica gel as, adult toys products is also more and more market, in recent years, adult toys supplies production materials continuously explore, or silica gel is more appropriate, such are the characteristics of silica gel, soft hardness, feel is good, good toughness and must also avirulent environmental protection,

sealant, sealant is widely applied, including car seal, high efficiency filter using sealant, electronic potting glue, often have earthquake, flame retardant of thermal conductivity, waterproof effect, such as silica gel has good liquidity, thermal conductivity, good sealing, some also need high transparency.

in addition to including pad printing silicone, silicone coating trademarks, foaming silicone and so on, have a need to further understand the friend can communicate at any time, shenzhen Cupidove silicone products manufacturer

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