What are silicone kitchenware products, how to choose and buy

by:Cupidove     2020-09-27

there are two types of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, pure silicone kitchen utensils and appliances and the encapsulated silicone kitchen utensils and appliances. Pure silicone kitchen utensils and appliances means the entire organic silicon with silicon products, household kitchen utensils and appliances of silica gel is auxiliary household utensils supplies. Silicone kitchen utensils and high level of security requirements, usually USES the food grade, FDA LFGB standard professional silica as raw material. Silicone kitchen utensils belong to the category of kitchen utensils and appliances of new materials, because of the unique advantages, stand out in the number of kitchen utensils and appliances. Many Chinese cities, the silica gel products penetrated into every corner of our lives.

the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances advantage:

1. Material is soft, very flexible and not easy to deformation.

2。 High temperature resistant, no crack, chemical performance is stable, long service life.

has high tear resistance and excellent electrical properties.

3。 Hardness, color can be adjusted according to customer's requirements.

recycle and clean water washing, can be in the dishwasher, facilitate clean is clean.

6。 Environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, food grade, from materials into the factory to product shipment will have no other harmful chemicals development.

what are the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances categories:

die categories:

the silicone cake mold, silicone Fried egg apparatus, such as silicone material has high temperature resistant, low temperature, soft deformation and the characteristics of the stripping, so most of the students in our country families choose to use the silicone mold. We can also according to the enterprise customer service requirements analysis into the shape of a child like design, beautiful and convenient.


the silicone spoon, silicone scraper, egg beater, brush, etc. , using silica gel stability, durability and the characteristics of the plastic, made cooking gadgets. 。 Scraper, a shovel can be used to make fruit salad, cream cakes. 。 The silicone oil brush use for a long time do not lose hair, rub off. 。 Durable, small and light. 。

vessel classes:

the silicone bowl, basin of silica gel, silica gel plate, etc. , these vessels not deformation, not broken. Different shape, different color, there is always a suitable for you.

buying guide:

1. Vendors must to normal.

2。 To have a product of food grade environmental protection certification report.

3。 Raw material with the FDA, the LFGB test report test report.

4。 With nose smell when buying, the strict market development encounter cold heat will not produce silicone kitchen utensils and appliances without any kind of bouquet

5. Rub it on the white paper, see if it change color.

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