What are electronic potting glue material

by:Cupidove     2020-05-17

advantages: epoxy pouring sealant is hard more, the material of the larger advantage is that the material is better and better insulation, stick relay curing acid-proof alkaline can well. Material can be used as transparent material, has good light penetration. The price is relatively cheap.

faults: weak ability to resist cold, cold and hot shock after cracks easily, cause the permeability of water vapor from the crack in the electronic components, moistureproof ability is poor; Only 100 degrees high temperature resistant, colloid high hardness and brittle after curing, high mechanical stress strain electronic components; Once potting cured epoxy resin with high hardness is unable to open, so products for 'lifetime' product, unable to realize components of the replacement; Transparent materials with epoxy resin general weather resistance is poorer, light or high temperature conditions are prone to yellowing.

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