What are causes of the silica gel products a critical edge

by:Cupidove     2020-09-09

in the production process of various problems, industry insiders know for some special products in the cause of the unhealthy phenomenon is also difficult to control, some are soft with low hardness material products prone to tear phenomenon, which is called critical edge phenomenon of industry, products in the cutting edge of the seats appear break phenomenon, this phenomenon for many silicone products manufacturer is hard to grasp a problem, although at the time, temperature, pressure, etc have done adjust, the phenomenon of course the most have the same also for hardness of soft products better.

general product, on the edge of a critical material hardness at about 30 to 40 degrees and basic have no this kind of phenomenon, the material of high hardness silicone products manufacturer in the major common product thickness thin strap, have some soft material molecules such as low hardness electronic products, the cause of product a critical edge phenomenon: raw material problem, caused by the large amount of excessive amount of carbon black filled silicone oil, silicone oil of raw materials in after the completion of the mixing rubber placed too long lead to lose vulcanizing agent, mixing vulcanizing agent when curing temperature is too high, too much too much heavy raw material product burrs resulted in plus material is qualitative soft, since the cutting edge to pull the bad, and so on.

but there are also issues the corresponding solutions, a critical edge phenomenon such as too many mould cavity number such as a dozen holes or more time to come to one module and one or two can reduce the corresponding temperature, mold temperature drop down, the mould temperature drop less, if one module and appear more critical edge phenomenon Suggestions can make the mould sand and then try, temperature is an important issue, try to shorten time to prevent the mold mold core temperature drops, above the number of the exhaust remain in a above, if the curing time is long can be added to the appropriate product twice, the above belongs to the essential boundary conditions, but critical edge phenomenon also has some unsolved problems, the reason also need more professional analysis, the interpretation of advice can ask silicone rubber products factory specialized analysis more professional questions for you!

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