What about CIF of fun sex toys ?
CIF is changed based on demand, port of destination, etc. Under CIF (= Cost, Insurance and Freight), we are responsible for providing insurance coverage for fun sex toys while in transit for 110% of their value. It is our indispensable duty to guarantee the product quality and safety. We offer strong support even though the product leaves for the destination.

The great development of Hongkong HONGKONG CUPID LIMITED Limited has made it a frontier in the field of silicone straw. silicone straw is one of HONGKONG CUPID's multiple product series. The product has obtained many international certificates which are the strong testimony of its high quality and performance. The product is exhibited in famous exhibitions such as Global Sources Mobile Electronic Trade Show. With the principle of 'Customers First', Hongkong HONGKONG CUPID Limited has set up several market service centers for our customers. Its design fits physiology and provides effective physical stimulation.

Through following the idea of Sex toys, HONGKONG CUPID finds a right way to be better. Ask online!
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