Wear the silicone bracelet what harm

by:Cupidove     2020-09-24

silica gel itself is harmless to human body, the pure silica gel hand ring is non-toxic, you can rest assured to buy and wear. Like sports bracelet with energy athletes in sports every product will give them a special energy, can improve a person's excitement. Can direct contact with the skin for a long time will not produce adverse reaction, does not stimulate the skin.

the silicone bracelet is suitable for various occasions, such as the casino, stadium. Besides adornment effect, still can have the effect of health care, medical treatment, drive midge, but as for anti-radiation silica gel hand ring, that's not true, consumer is best not to believe.

also can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, etc. Is a relatively hot fashion jewelry, is a kind of low cost, high benefit of advertising promotional advertising gifts. Actually, most of the bracelet silicone products are of no practical use, is a kind of fashion accessories.

also can be used as fashion accessories, product promotion, propaganda materials, a handout, activity supplies, birthday, party, homecoming, outdoor activities, meetings, weddings, education, taobao, gifts, accessories, inspirational bracelet, sports fashion hand ring. In school, websites, online publicity, etc. , has a different meaning.

the silicone bracelet material first popular in the United States, all of the people wearing a bracelet with a common purpose that is resistant to disease, cancer, make life more strong. Since then, because the silica gel has the environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, soft and elastic, easy to wear, and many other advantages, has become a popular act the role ofing is tasted, was deeply loved by young friends, now the bracelet silicone products have been popular spread to every country in the world.

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