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by:Cupidove     2020-05-08
The average person to adult things there are many pitfalls. Myth 1: just to satisfy masturbators. Sex experts say: in most cases, adult supplies a single use, but many couples are used together. You used jointly, doesn't mean you have a wrong place, on the contrary, are willing to use, just show your relationship more open, more comfortable, more trust each other. Erroneous zone 2: adult toys things are for those sluts, sexual desire is too strong, is not normal use, in general, use those toys must be abnormal. Sex experts say: in fact widely used in all kinds of people, including a very normal person, is just you don't know. With adult toys, won't make you abnormal condition, will only bring you better orgasm, improve the quality of sex life of two people, better promote the relationship. Myth: if you decide to use, can make your partner's psychological pressure and guilt. Sexology expert said: a lot of people will such misgivings, think with adult supplies will hurt their partner's feelings. This is understandable. Think about it, every time is a great vibrator with your orgasm, who changed the psychology will be uncomfortable. Toys can give you an orgasm, but it can't bring you a caress, so it cannot replace the partner, if your lover has this concern, do you want to communicate with him slowly, carefully communication. Myth 4: using adult supplies can damage the body. Sexology expert said: completely is not correct. In fact, the adult supplies can bring sexual health with positive effect. In menopausal women, for example, you can use adult toy keep vaginal elasticity, prevent urinary incontinence and his disease. Some doctors will recommend adult toys to reach its climax of women. Sexual health with gear body and health, the use of adult toys can improve the feeling of the body organs, the body will be more sensitive to some discomfort. Sex rigidity, easy to become & other; Cheating & throughout; Excuse. So now has ventured into a variety of sex AIDS, sex is no longer monotonous!
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