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waterproof silicone bib supplier for children

waterproof silicone bib supplier for children

waterproof silicone bib supplier for children
  • waterproof silicone bib supplier for children
  • waterproof silicone bib supplier for children

waterproof silicone bib supplier for children

The design of Cupidove silicone baby products conforms to specific heavy-duty usage requirements. It is designed with characteristics of enhanced mechanical structure, less energy consumption parts, and durable components. It is resistant to virtually every known chemical and solvent
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Silicone rubber has unique properties that make it ideal for a wide range of manufacturing applications in industries including: automotive, bake and cookware, electronics, healthcare, personal care, children’s toys and many others. our factory is expert in working with customers designs to create the highest quality finished products. And if you have product concepts, our professional team can help you develop your project from beginning to end, through all stages, with the utmost efficiency, while reducing cost.  (name of your company) is a one source solution for all your silicone manufacturing needs.  Let us show you how our high standards can increase profitability.

Product Description

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Food Processing
100% made of food grade silicone ,FDA approved
Hign temperture resistance , wash them in very hot water
Colours and design are really cute
silicone feeding spoon

Product Description

Baby silicone products have to maintain a high level of health and safety .silicone baby spoon is completely safe in contact with food because of its high temperature rating , can also leave her alone with them to chew ,they're soft enough for her so they don't hurt her mouth.

Silicone Rubber Parts

Our factory CDX have produced a wide range of rubber products , such as ....... , many of our customers cooperated with us for over 10 years . Our products' resistance and highest quality are always guaranteed .
Great sealing properties making it ideal for cooking and mixing processes. Silicone seals and gaskets can be used on food processing machinery such as dough and cake mixers in bakeries. As all of our silicone is FDA approved, food manufacturers can be confident that the silicone rubber used is completely safe when in contact with food.

Cupidove silicone baby products will be tested adopting a series of standards. Its mechanical parts, materials, and the whole structure will be tested to check their mechanical properties and defections. It features a linear load curve and excellent deflection range
The development of Cupidove silicone bib has many design considerations. They are static and dynamic stiffness, operating speed, gearbox, manual and automatic control. Its moderate hardness allows for better overall mating with metal parts
The design of Cupidove silicone bib adopts various technologies. It will be designed by CAD/CAM machines, processed by CNC machines, built with the hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, and designed with PLC function. It can maintain good medium resistance even in the case of high temperature
The components and parts of Cupidove silicone bib are sophisticatedly manufactured. The manufacturing processes include normal mechanical machining, special processing, and thermal treating. It has moderated cost and good machine-ability
The manufacture of Cupidove silicone bib covers several important stages. They mainly include the preparation of raw materials, parts machining, plating and anodizing, assembly, and testing. It can be used in both dynamic and static applications
This product has great strength. It has the ability to withstand mechanical shocks from suddenly applied forces or an abrupt change in motion produced by handling, transportation or field operation. It has outstanding physical and chemical features
This product has the required strength. It has been tested according to standards such as MIL-STD-810F to evaluate its construction, materials, and mounting for ruggedness. It is a product for superior heat and oil resistance properties
It has the proper size in consideration of the force. Each element of this product is designed with the most suitable size by considering the force acting on it and the permissible stresses for the material used. It has moderated cost and good machine-ability
It has a fine hardness. It has good cracking proof capacity and is not easy to deform due to the cold stamping process during production. It does not soften or decompose at high temperatures
This product has the required safety. Different requirements regarding architecture and risk classification of this product have been considered carefully in the manufacture. It is a product for superior heat and oil resistance properties
The product stands out for its stable operation. Since it is mainly controlled by microcomputers, it can run stably without any break. It does not soften or decompose at high temperatures
Hongkong Cupid Limited has built a strict QC system to ensure quality of silicone bib. It is suitable for applications requiring higher compressive strength and rigidity
Based on world-class service standard, Cupidove still sticks to provide the best service for customers. It does not support combustion or spread of flame
Our silicone baby products has passed related qualification. It also offers stiffness and creep resistance
Hongkong Cupid Limited has developed a broad market at home and abroad with its excellent quality, fast delivery, and timely and thoughtful service. It has a consistent performance during the application
Hongkong Cupid Limited wants to better understand customer opinions on Cupidove products and services. The low permeability makes it unmatched for service in gaseous media
'Concerned about customer needs' is the cornerstone of Hongkong Cupid Limited's continued rising performance. It does not soften or decompose at high temperatures
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