Was like peas and carrots, uncover you don't know the silicone products!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-27

1863 French chemist friedel r&d to get the first containing Si - C chemical name of the organic silicon compounds, widely in the early 20th century series silicon carbon compounds obtained chemist global research use. 1941 silicone products has won a wide range of use value, especially at the time of the military equipment greatly get use, organic silicon in the early 1990 s has been widely applied to every industry, on this day in 2018 has been organic silicone products into your my life, in recent years different inventions and silica gel products have sprung up, is so far between in recent years organic silicon and its period of rapid development, so this kind of material you walk with your shadow, you really know?

organic silica gel can be divided into a variety of products, in the aspect of industrial and construction have already flooded, and in the life and daily is to prosperity, silicone nipple is a typical case, it belongs to a baby food products, almost everyone used in growth period, it is now produced by organic silicon material, and machining manufacturers generally use in high temperature vulcanization silicone nipple, sulfur in second processing, so the articles for daily use is same type as the pacifier.

for the current process is made up of material aspects: medical grade silicone material implanted silicon material selection and the choice of skin contact food grade material, long-term with the industry and electronic silicone accessories to choose regular grade silicon material, and special requirements use special materials, for example, high tear resistance, soft springback finalize the restorative, high hardness, the type and flame retardant, resistance pad, low temperature, and so on material.

in addition to the pacifier current daily skin care and kitchen utensils and tableware is relatively popular, silicone cleansing is hot in recent years, the silica gel a main part of the silicone cleansing instrument shell custom choose use food grade silicone after high temperature secondary sulfur reach full ROHS testing standards, and the FDA silicone kitchen appliances has been widely used in European and American countries, people often used in low temperature cooking cake making, barbecue utensils and so on.

but not silicone products in our country has already been mature widely consumer cognition, in fact, it has been in ambush in your family with it, such as electron tubes, electronic seal, seal of lamps and lanterns and conform to the material of silicone sealant and metope paint organic silicon doping this conform to the material, so don't say you do not know the silicone this kind of thing!

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